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Coffee May Carry Health Benefits, Scientists Say

Coffee May Carry Health Benefits, Scientists Say

The review shows that drinking three to four cups of black coffee a day can reduce a variety of health risks and can decrease your risk of death by 17 percent.

The study collected evidences through more than 200 earlier researches and found that consuming coffee also linked to lesser risk of dementia, liver disease, diabetes and a few cancers.

It also found that women at increased risk of fracture should possibly be excluded. In fact, the largest benefit was for diseases of the liver, including cirrhosis.

Researchers claim coffee is more likely to benefit our health than harm it. Coffee beans are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant.

For some time now, the debate about whether coffee is good for you or not has raged hot and fierce: Some studies have suggested it has some incredible health benefits; others have suggested that it can be detrimental to our health instead; and still others have come out on the fence about the whole thing.

'Roasted coffee is a complex mixture of over 1,000 bioactive compounds, some with potentially therapeutic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, or anticancer effects, ' they wrote. Another finding was "coffee consumption had a marginally beneficial association with blood pressure when compared with control but failed to reach significance". Without that sweet caffeinated high in the morning, many coffee-drinkers would turn into fire-breathing kraken monsters.

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And pregnant women are at greater risk of losing their baby if they drink too much of it.

Researchers argue it is "difficult" to understand how exactly caffeine may have a positive impact on people's health, but they suggested the anti-oxidants and anti-fibrotics in it may prevent or slow damage to cells in the body. He added that coffee is often drunk with sugar and milk or cream, which "may independently contribute to adverse health outcomes". Do you personally think drinking three to four cups of coffee per day can be healthy?

Its use is thought to date back to 11th-century Ethiopia, where legend says a goat herder noticed his animals became energetic after eating the berries from a coffee tree.

Finland ranks at top and India somewhere at bottom among world's heaviest coffee drinkers.

However, doctors warn that these findings aren't enough to advise those who aren't drinking coffee already to pick up the habit.

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