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"Gerald's Game" Helmer Mike Flanagan to Direct "The Shining" Sequel "Doctor Sleep"

Flanagan co-wrote and directed the 2017 Netflix movie, which stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood.

After moving forward with a writer in 2016, Warner Bros. has at last chosen a director for its adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's 2013 sequel to his horror classic The Shining.

The story follows the now adult Danny Torrance, who is dealing with alcoholism and the trauma of what happened to him as a child at the haunted Colorado hotel.

Doomsday Clock now 2 minutes to midnight, closest since Cold War
It is now sitting at two minutes to midnight , scientists from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist announced this afternoon. In an uncharacteristic move, the scientists moved the clock by 30 seconds in 2017 , to 2½ minutes to midnight.

There's no timeline yet on the film adaptation (or casting news for what is sure to be a sought-after starring role), but given the fact that both Flanagan and Stephen King adaptations are white-hot right now, it's probably safe to say we won't have to wait too long for an update.

Despite some changes, the film and book are close enough in content that the film version of Doctor Sleep will likely be able to toe the line between the two, making it a true sequel to both the book and the movie. As with his murderous father, he suffers from anger and alcoholism as the result of trying to boring his pain. The powers come up when he is sober and Danny uses them to help the dying at a hospice. Flanagan and Macy are now in production on The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix, and their other collaborations are Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil and Before I Wake. During this time, he develops a connection with a young girl, Abra Stone, who comes to possess the same Shining abilities as he does.

Are you excited to see Doctor Sleep on the big screen? He will also rewrite the screenplay, which was originally penned by Akiva Goldsman, one of the many cooks who toiled away on The Dark Tower. The latter was adapted into a hit movie starring Jack Nicholson in 1980.

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