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Maine River's Massive Disk of Spinning Ice a Sight to Behold

Maine River's Massive Disk of Spinning Ice a Sight to Behold

A massive, spinning disk of ice that formed on a ME river has captivated both visitors and locals alike after video and images taken by a drone were shared by the city of Westbrook.

No exact measurement of the Westbrook Ice Disc has been taken, but in video shot from a drone and shared by the city, it appears larger than two nearby downtown buildings.

Paul Nakroshis, an associate professor of physics at the University of Southern Maine, tells Maine Public Radio that the formation of the ice disks is not totally understood.

"It's where the aliens landed", one commenter wrote as another netizen suggested it looked like the moon. The water inside the eddy is moving slower than the current so is more likely to freeze, and as the ice turns, it bumps into rocks or more ice and gets shaved down into its circular shape.

Locals had seen smaller ice discs before but nothing like this one, Ms Radel added.

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The disk spans about 300 feet across and has been spinning in the same spot of the Presumpscot River.

'The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan, ' Mr Mitchell quipped.

A river ice hydraulics expert, Steven Daly, told the NY Times there are only one or two reports of these kind of ice disks in the USA every year, and even then they are never this huge, usually forming in the 20 to 30 foot range. Good Morning America did a feature from its river banks. "It was a big duck-go-round". Or maybe it's just a huge floating crop circle made by the aliens themselves.

Researchers believe ice discs spin because of temperature changes in the water, creating a vortex underneath.

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