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‘All Black People Don’t Look Alike’

‘All Black People Don’t Look Alike’

"They say, he wants to say things that he has not said and I'm like, As a journalist, as a newsperson, this is newsworthy, he is going on record for the first time, yes I'll do the interview".

"So I emailed Dana, who I don't know, I got her email and I said, 'Hi, I just wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I - it was a great compliment, but thank you for letting him know that we're two different people, '" King recalled to Colbert. "'Can you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people don't look alike?'"

"I could see him getting more heated", she said. Only thing I've asked from R. Kelly is one thing: "To see my daughter and make sure she's healthy and fine", Timothy Savage told Gayle King in an interview that aired Friday on "CBS This Morning".

Colbert noted "it's not OK, but it's OK".

Watters mistook King for another black woman anchor, Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC's Good Morning America.

Twitter reacts to Forbes calling Kylie a 'self-made' billionaire
He continued: "When you say 'self made, ' her sister had sex with somebody, the tape got leaked, and the whole family cashed in". Reid tried to defend Jenner but Piers went on to insist the 21-year-old reality star isn't "even that good looking".

King said she didn't expect Kelly to confess his crimes, "but I did think that, on some level, he would have a moment of reflection, he would have contrition". "Robin Roberts did the Smollett interview".

'We had a little joke about it and I hope to meet her one day because that was very nice of her to do, ' King said.

Watters, ultimately, apologized after being corrected, and again at the end of that episode of The Five, when he held up a small dry erase white board on which he'd written, "I'm sorry Gayle + Robin".

"In the green room, Elton John called me!" It was the singer's first interview since Surviving R. Kelly aired back in January. If I'm too light on him, it's like because you're in the community you are giving him a pass.

Among the questions King asked during the 80-minute interview was about a stop Kelly made after his February 25 release from a weekend in jail on sex abuse charges. Prosecutors say they have evidence of Kelly allegedly engaged in sex acts with underage girls, including a video allegedly showing him with a 14-year-old girl. "And then I was told, he wants to speak with you because he is outraged by people making assumptions about whether it happened or not".

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