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Revoke Article 50 Brexit petition: signatures from Welwyn Hatfield

Revoke Article 50 Brexit petition: signatures from Welwyn Hatfield

The number of signatures picked up steam following a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday evening, in which she claimed that the Brexit crisis was not her fault, but rather the fault of politicians who refused to vote for the deal she had negotiated with the EU.

If Mrs May can get her withdrawal deal through Parliament next week, that date will be pushed back to 22 May to give time to pass the necessary legislation.

I have just met with Donald Tusk following the EU Council's discussion on the UK's request for the approval of the Strasbourg supplementary documents and for a short extension to the Article 50 process. If she manages to get enough support for her draft Withdrawal Agreement to win a so-called "meaningful vote" this deadline will then be extended to 22 May to provide the time to pass any legislation needed to enshrine the deal into United Kingdom law.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson will vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal if the prime minister agrees to a second referendum on Brexit, it has been reported.

In the corridors of the Europa building in Brussels, European Union officials gathered around a small table, determining the fate of the country that had voted to reject them.

"If there is no indication that they are going to run European elections. there is no ability to extend further", Irish European Affairs Minister Helen McEntee said.

Users were quick to share the petition, with celebrities and MPs tweeting their support for Parliament to revoke the Treaty of Lisbon clause that deals with leaving the EU.

May said at a news conference overnight on Friday that Brussels approved pushing the deadline to May 22 if British MPs next week back a withdrawal agreement that they rejected twice before.

New Zealand Charges Main Shooter in Mosque Attack with Murder
A fourth person detained in the aftermath of the attack was later determined to be an armed bystander who wanted to help police. Ms Ardern, who arrived in Christchurch Saturday, said the shooter was not on any watchlist and did not have a criminal record.

For it to do so, British election law says that would have to be announced six weeks beforehand, by April 12.

If she succeeds, the European Union leaders agreed to extend the Article 50 withdrawal process until May 22 to enable the Government to get the necessary legislation through Parliament.

This would trigger a Conservative Party leadership contest whose victor would be the new prime minister.

"I do believe that things are changing, I do believe the fact there is a very clear date of the European elections will focus people's minds", she said.

Though it's up for debate whether revoking Article 50 without public input goes against democracy - even if it is the best thing for the country - a second referendum is entirely democratic.

"March 29 is over".

More than a million people have signed an online petition asking the British government to stop Brexit within 214 hours, briefly crashing the site on Thursday during a surge in support.

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